NOORTEC has the ability to cover all the scope of commissioning works including:

  1. Pre Commissioning activities
  2. No Load Test
  3. Load test
  4. Sequence / Group test

For the following systems

Electrical Works

  • Low voltage switchgear & switchboards.
  • Main Distribution Board “MDB”.
  • Motor Control Center “MCC”.
  • Distribution Boards “DB’s”.
  • HVAC, water & sewage pump control panels.
  • L.V Transformers 
  • M.V switchgears
  • L.V variable speed drives
  • Lighting system.

Automation, Instrumentation & Low Current Installation Works

  • PLC panels.
  • Marshalling panels
  • Digital & analog junction boxes.
  • Analog Instruments such as pressure, temperature & level transmitters.
  • Digital sensors such as motion detector, proximity, limit & level switches
  • “PAGA System” Public address paging alarm system.
  • Telephone
  • CCTV system.
  • Fire alarm system.

NOORTEC also accept to make all the commissioning works which are installed by others.